Volleyball is an extremely exciting sport that is played by hundreds of millions of people all around the world today, in fact it’s regarded as the world’s most played sport right after soccer. Generally today there are 2 kinds of volleyball game, indoor volleyball and beach volleyball or also known as sand volleyball. These two sports are played in the Olympics now and both share almost equally as much fans all around the world.

Indoor volleyball and beach volleyball have a few different characteristics and rules, but the most obvious are the number of players and the court. Indoor volleyball is officially played by 6 players on each team and usually played in the gym on a solid floor, while beach volleyball is played on the beach or on the sand by 2 players on each team, the court is also smaller than indoor volleyball.

As a well established sport, volleyball has more than 100 years of history. It was started with a very humble beginning and it’s very interesting to follow the development of this sport until it becomes the worldwide sport as we see today, you can read all about it in our History of Volleyball page.

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