Volleyball History

Have you ever heard about a game called Mintonette? so many people will answer no, but if the question is “what is volleyball”? then I am quite sure you and millions other people including children can give me the right answer. It’s not really surprising because actually not so many people realize that Volleyball and Mintonette are actually the same thing. So how come nobody called it Mintonette anymore Well, that’s because the name has officially changed into Volleyball not very long after this remarkable sport was introduced by William Morgan, the YMCA Physical Education Director in Massachusetts.

The name of William G Morgan is probably not as popular as Misty May Treanor or Karch Kiraly, but anyone who know the volleyball history will never deny that he is actually the most important figure in this fantastic sport. William G Morgan was the man behind the invention of volleyball in 1895 when he served at YMCA Holyoke, Massachusetts as Director of Physical Education. At first he called the game he just invented, Mintonette, but the name changed into volleyball later on after someone noticed that the game involved a lot of ball volleying during the demonstration of the game.

Morgan took several different elements from other sports such as Baseball, Handball, Tennis, Faustball, as well as Basketball to create this new game. It didn’t take very long for volleyball to caught people’s attention and quickly it became a popular sports, and that made William Morgan’s name also known to the public. In 1896 Morgan became the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, and because of his popularity after inventing volleyball, his classes were always favored by the students.

With some national and international organizations being formed to manage this sport and many improvements in techniques and skills, this sport becoming really popular not only in the USA but all over the world. Volleyball became one of the most played sports in the world like Soccer and Basketball after it was finally competed in the Olympic in the year 1964 in tokyo, Japan. Today Volleyball is still a favorite for millions of people around the world, and the modification of this sport that led to the invention of beach volleyball even make more people fall in love with this fascinating sport.

Actually there are some different opinions as to when and where the beginning of the beach volleyball history. Some people believe that it was started in Hawaii in 1915 on Waikiki Beach, some others even believe that it was started on some nudist beaches in France. However what most people believe is that the history of beach volleyball started in the 1920′s when a lot of beach visitors in Santa Monica play this game for fun on their holiday at the beach.

Finally in the 1950′s seeing the popularity of this exciting sport, a tournament was begin to held. This tournament was not merely a sport event, but it was also combined with beauty contest and other kinds of entertainment. After that the spreading of this new exciting sport was just unstoppable, the sponsors started to appear and this sport began to travel far beyond the borders.

Beach volleyball even became more popular around the world after being played as a demonstration sport in 1992 Olympics and soon after, officially being competed in Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics. Nowadays, beach volleyball has been played by millions of sport enthusiasts from all over the world and has made so many legendary players on the sand, also more international events are being held. There is no doubt that the creation of beach volleyball marked a very important stage in the history of volleyball game, and this is also a living proof for us that a humble pastime activity could become a world class sport.

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