Volleyball History Facts

What is Volleyball? If you don’t know the answer of this question then you must be an alien living in a far away planet in outer space. For many years Volleyball has been one of the most played sports in the world, also regarded as a sport with the most fans besides Football and Basketball. For more than a century, this sport has gone through many kinds of improvements that makes it becomes an interesting sport as we can see today, in fact the name of the sport is also included in those changes.

Holyoke, Massachusetts is where the history of volleyball game all begins in 1895 when William Morgan, the YMCA Education Director invented this sport for the first time. It was actually not a coincidence that volleyball was being invented just 4 years after someone named James Naismith invented the basketball in the Springfield YMCA. After being introduced, Basketball soon became really popular, but unfortunately only young people were able to play this new sport appropriately, Basketball is a fast paced game so older people could not really enjoy it, that’s why Morgan then had an idea to create another sport that could be played by people of all ages, at first he named it “Mintonette”.

The idea for naming this game didn’t just popped up out of nowhere, Morgan came up with the name because this game was using the same court and net as Badminton, that’s why it was finally called “Mintonette”. At the beginning, this game was played with a very simple rule, the number of players in a team are not limited as long as they can fit on their half of the court, then both teams just need to “volley” the ball until one of the teams failed to hit the ball. After a while finally the name was changed into “Volleyball” according to the way the game was played by volleying the ball back and forth, I have to say that this is one of the best improvements of the game, I mean can you imagine watching a game called Mintonette on a Summer Olympic?.

Some modifications to the game like maximum three touch rules, changes of the nets height and court measurement, the numbers of the players which were limited to six for each team, player rotation, including the scoring system made this sport became more interesting and challenging, thus more people began to play this game and volleyball became more and more popular. Various kinds of new technique followed the improvements of the volleyball rules, these new techniques including spiking, setting, and different styles of serve mostly developed by younger players and these great improvements even made Volleyball more popular amongst young people. During the world war I the US troops introduced this game all across Europe, while in Asia this game was usually played in the US missionary schools and didn’t take very long to make Volleyball game spread across Asian regions.

The next improvements can be said as a very critical point in Volleyball history which is the founding of several most important Volleyball organizations including The United States Volleyball Association in 1928 and also The FIVB – Federation Internationale de Volley-Ball in 1947, after it has an international federation 2 years later in Prague, Czechoslovakia the first Men’s World Championship was held and in 1950s the Volleyball fans were entertained by the first International Competition in Russia. Volleyball not only being played in the gym or schools and colleges, people also play Volleyball to have fun on the beach, on the Coast of California this game is very popular, the people who visit the beach usually play Volleyball on the sand with a bit modifications on the rules and the court but later this became a new kind of game and became an important stage of the history of Beach Volleyball, this new game was officially being played in a tournament in 1943. Nowadays, Volleyball is being played in perhaps all parts of the world just like Basketball and Football, it’s even becoming more popular and known world wide after officially being one of the sports competed in the Olympic games.

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