Fascinating volleyball Information And History

As a world sport that have already existed for over 100 years, volleyball has a lot of interesting facts throughout its history. These are all exciting information that would be great to know to improve your volleyball knowledge if you are a true fan of volleyball. You will discover various facts about volleyball that are very interesting and some of them might blow your mind.

The first volleyball facts I would like to talk about are related to volleyball history. William G Morgan is the man who invented this game in 1895, he created volleyball at first as an alternative game for older people who cannot really enjoy playing basketball. When the first time this game being played the rules of volleyball was quite simple, each side can have as many players as there was no limitation on the numbers, also there was no 3 hits rule as this rule was not implemented until 1920.

Volleyball have travelled far away from its origin in the USA, even some of the most significant improvements of this sport was started outside of the USA. In 1916 volleyball became a lot more physical game after some players in Philippines using the set and spike techniques, this made the game included a lot more actions, after this improvement NCAA altered the rules of the game which then enabled volleyball to be played in high schools and colleges as a part of student sports program. Not a lot of people know that the first governing body of volleyball was actually not formed in the USA, the first governing body of volleyball was formed in Bulgaria in 1920, while USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) was just formed in 1928.

The enhancements of volleyball game play and rules didn’t end there, you can still find many facts on volleyball history in this article. At first, the height of the net is only 6’6″ before it was raised to 7’11 5/8″, and back then, “volleyball” is not even the name given for this game, this game was introduced by the name “mintonette”. One aspect of this game that probably gone through the most changes is the rules, the back row attack started being used in 1920 and another rule of forearm pass following being implemented for the first time in the 1940′s.

Today volleyball has become one of the most popular sports in the world after being played in the Olympics in 1964. After soccer, volleyball currently is the most played sport in the world with more than 800 million players from all over the world even in the most remote areas that we probably never heard of.facts about volleyball are always interesting for us volleyball lovers, and hopefully this article could enrich your volleyball knowledge and improve your love to this magnificent sport.

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